Tuesday, September 18, 2012

two years ago...

...i said yes. {Yep, September is a big month for us :) }

This blows my mind, because two years is, like,  forever. For fun, I started flipping through pictures taken at or around our engagement {of course, by "flipping" I mean browsing on the computer, because hardly any of those are actually printed, ha}. What. a. trip. We were babies. {okay, 22 and 24. But still}
I'll never forget how difficult and awkward it was to deliver the "I'm engaged!" news to family and friends with the spotty cell service we get at the lake. Haha that was the first and only time I wished the cabin wasn't so "off the grid".

Excuse the lake-y hair and dirty hands. Didn't exactly know I was going to be proposed to right then. Sneaky boyfriend-at-the-time led me to believe it was a regular 'ol lake weekend with a birthday BBQ thrown in. Pssh.
For our "engagement pictures" though, the ones we'd use for our save-the-dates and stuff, we wanted something a bit more professional.  We had some photos taken in the Bay Area {I won the shoot in a promo on facebook}, but only ever saw one photo from that shoot, and we didn't have the rights to use it. Since we needed some sort of picture asap to stick on our save-the-dates, we took matters into our own hands.


We took our own photos, using a tripod, remote {with a two-foot-long cord}, and self-timer, on the drive up to have dinner with Tim's mom. And we succeeded.

DIY win. Love it.

But anyway. Tim: Happy Second Engage-i-versary. I will no longer draw attention to it.


  1. I love your DIY engagement pics!! Lovely!

  2. What cuties! I love looking through old pictures! And those ones you guys took yourself look professional! :)
    xo TJ

  3. I love that you did this yourself! SO CLEVER! Thanks for coming by my blog today :) xoxo! eliza


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