Tuesday, September 4, 2012

dear baby brother;

My mind is blown that these pictures were taken so long ago.
Your senior prom, five years ago  // My wedding day, a year ago
What trips me out even more, though was that this picture was taken twenty-three years ago.
As if you didn't know, today, you turn 23. And I've been on a jaunt down memory lane. As I usually do on your birthday.
I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Brit's little brother!!

  2. Such a sweet path of memories. Loved seeing it all. Thanks again Britty for making me feel OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD

    aunty Lorna

  3. So adorable! Cutest kids ever! Seriously. Devon totally still makes all of those facial expressions haha!

  4. You guys, so cute... I love this. Miss & love you both so much!


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