Thursday, August 16, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday

Sunset picnics while the weather's still nice. Do it.
:: Remind me never to get a berry smoothie right before a meeting, okay? Or at least, remind me to check my teeth in a mirror before I meet the new department members. Hi, nice to meet you, why are you staring at my face, let me go crawl under my desk now.

:: You know that scene from Indiana Jones that made us all die a little on the inside? Where he has to walk through a wall of cobwebs to get into the cave he was looking for?
Well, my office had been abandoned for two months. So yeah, I played Indiana Jones on my first day back.

:: And the week's winner of the most awkward moment ever? You know how all excited you get when the cops bang on a neighbor's door and you rush over to the back fence or the window and strain to hear what's happening (I know it can't be just me)? Something about feeling like you're part of a reality-cop show or something.
Well, it's not cool when it's happening to you
A process server came to our apartment the other night looking for the previous tenant. She did not believe us when we said that he didn't live here anymore, and kept banging on our door shouting that we had to open up or suffer legal consequences. Like we were obstructing justice or something!!! Even though it was a total mistake, I'm still mortified. 

:: First-day-back-to-work dinners. It is a heinous crime to have to cook on your first day of work and therefore it is a requirement that you have a picnic to celebrate. Using take-out from your favorite sit-down restaurant, which happens to be sushi. (Tim did good, y'all)

:: There's a benefit to going to work every day (besides the obvious). It forces you to put pants on. So that's good.

:: Since I've been working every day (and therefore haven't been there during the day to entertain our bird, which is my job on my days off don't you see?), he's been a lot less irritable when we come home. He just can't get enough of us after the day is done.
Photo by cousin Sydney, during an epic whistling competition

Happy Thursday!


  1. You are adorable and have the BEST awkward stories, swear.

  2. AH! You are a Kravitz like your mama! LOL!

  3. Wow - I would hate having someone banging on the door too! Glad you didn't open it though.


  4. Loved the idea of an Ackward Awesome post!


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