Thursday, August 30, 2012

awkward and awesome

And who said work couldn't be beautiful? This is my view at lunch.
This week was chock-FULL of awkward. In fact, I could have titled this post "Awkward and Awful". But I didn't. Because it didn't all suck. Some of it was quite lovely.
:: Weeks after I've started a new job, my salary and job title are still under discussion. No matter that these things were "finalized" long before I left for the summer. Because of this "holdup", I get the pleasure of waiting two blessed pay periods before I will be receiving any form of a paycheck. Thank you, dear little college on the hill. 
:: Discovering that the sprinklers on the lawn were set to "Firehose" while I walked across the lawn.
::  (Facebook friends know this already) There has been fiasco beyond fiasco regarding cars and transportation this week. Tim's car went into the shop late sunday night for a checkup, and of course Monday morning, mine wouldn't start either. He was long gone to work by then, so I had to call a taxi (and didn't have enough money in my little disney princess sandwich baggie, so the driver let me pay later since he was my next door neighbor. So kind). The next few days, sweet Tim dropped me off before he left for work... at 6 am. One of those days, I was on campus for 12 hours, since my latest class doesn't get out until 6. Yikes! We picked his car up from the shop yesterday (THANK THE LORD) and will be sending mine in shortly.
Add to that the rest of the drama that is working at our College, and it made for quite the interesting first week of the semester. I need a nap.
What campus looks like at 6am on a Wednesday.
:: Finally placing the order for our honeymoon Blurb book (It'll be just like our wedding one!)... I finished the dang thing months ago, but since there was no rush to get it finished, I decided to wait to order it until Blurb offered a good coupon code.  I've got my priorities straight, clearly.
I'm hoping to crank out the rest of the album from my semester in Thailand (in 2009, yikes) by the coupon's deadline, so I can get a discount on that too. We'll see.
:: My students! Sometimes I forget, with all the drama around campus itself, how much I really do enjoy the students (and how much they love me!). They're so encouraging, and on my first day of teaching this week, they kept saying "you did such a good job!", which obviously took away quite a bit of my nerves. Yay for niceness!

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  1. New follower from the Link & Mingie :) That view is incredible! What a fabulous scene to stare to you like Blurb Books?? I use Shutterfly, but am interested in finding a new vendor...


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