Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Friday, loves! I'll admit; even though this was my first week back, and I had monday off, this has been the l o n g e s t week ever. I legitimately thought it was friday until halfway through the day yesterday; yeesh. 
But now, the wait is over, it's time for Friday Favorites!
Screenshot via netflix

LOST. We're curently slamming through the series at a rate of *coughthreeepisodespernightcough* (don't judge us). I never had the patience to finish the series when it was airing, so the fact that we can watch one episode after another rather than wait a WEEK to find out what happens next makes it a lot more manageable. 

Graphic via Trader Joes
I mean, really. If their food is so delicious and good for you (some of it not so much, but you know what I mean), then their beauty products HAVE to be good. And it's true. I'm in love with their shampoo/conditioners (Tea Tree Oil for the WIN). So fresh, so clean. And their stuff isn't overly feminine-smelling, so Tim doesn't cut my head off if I buy it for the community shampoo. I also love their SPF moisturizer and the facial cleansing pads (seriously, anything with Tea Tree Oil in it I will try). They're all worth a try!
Not like I have a lot of Korea-bound cousins, but still, she's my favorite. My cousin is AS WE SPEAK headed on a plane to Suji, a district a little bit south of Seoul, South Korea, to teach English. For a year. 
(She's a rockstar). 

Love ya, Syd! Have a safe trip! 

What are you loving today?


  1. Hahahaha I look so pretty, wow... thanks for that ;) xox

  2. I just started Lost! And I'm super lost. Haha I want more of it to make sense!


  3. Syd is brave and only a tad bit adventurous! Aunty L

  4. Hilarious post! "Hello, my name is Anni, and I´m a LOST addict!" "Hello Anni"
    :oD Seriously - me and my friends met every Wednesday, dressed up as characters on season finales and made Dharma Snacks!

    The "Weekend Wanderings" brought me here :) new follower!
    Hope you are having a good one!

    Smooches from Germany,

  5. I watched LOST when it came out and I have to say I was disappointed with the ending. It's a good story line, just not thrilled on how they tied some of it together.

  6. Wow!! What an experience Korea will be!! I bet she'll have a wonderful time!


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