Friday, August 31, 2012

I Lover Her!!

Hey blogging community this is the hubby -Tim. So I want to write something for my amazing wife. Currently she is upstairs with a BAD migraine and is trying to sleep it off (sucks right!) . Anyways, I wanted to congratulate her on getting 22,000 unique views on this blog, she is so dedicated to writing and I don't tell her enough how proud I am of her. So here are some words to my Amazing WIFE.

Dear love (A.KA nugget, boo, sweet cheeks, and assorted other names) ,

Thank you for choosing me as your Hubby. Let's be honest you had many other suitors  and you chose me???!!! We have been together now for almost four years, how the time flies when you are in LOVE, and yes I'm deeply in love with you. Why do I love you, you might ask? Well...

1) your Heart - you care about everyone and everything (even the little ugly birds that beg for food)
2) your Smile - please don't ever lose your teeth :)
3) your dedication to our relationship. It is truly Reckless, forever, and intense -Thank you.
4) your crazy style and creative Passion. I am encouraged by your ideas daily and you keep our relationship spicy and FUN!

Again, thank you for being my wife. I truly LOVE YOU.

-p.s thanks to all the followers of the blog, evertime someone signs up she jumps up and down and gives me a huge smile, It makes my day, so if you do not follow please do. - for my sake!  


  1. So amazingly sweet! I am already a follower {if I wasn't already, I would be now}, and as a new blogger I understand the excitement with every new follower! Congrats on an awesome blog. I love it!


  2. So sweet :) I hope your darling wife is feeling better soon!

  3. sooo. i was going to sign up as i was looking through the blog..but kindof put it off. when i read this, i had to.:) so now you have another follower. come see me whenever you have a chance at


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