Tuesday, August 14, 2012

mourning the end

Today is a sad day*, folks.
It's my first day back at work after my summer break.
Tim and I spent the weekend in the Bay Area, visiting family. My cousin will be moving to Korea this week for a year, and we went up to say goodbye. And to hang out with my fam. And ride bikes around Angel Island in San Francisco, which I haven't done since I could fit in a baby bike seat .
We also ate a lot of Armenian food, nursed our sore muscles, and hosted a bird meet-and-greet.
Tim might have been a little nervous about this.
Also, we have a stinkin' menagerie. Carry on.
I think that's it.
But now, the spontaneous mid-week trips have to come to an end. Because I've gotta go back to the 8-to-5.
I think I'm in mourning. {Although the paycheck will be nice!}

*ps: I'm not really that sad. My job is pretty cool.

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