Friday, August 31, 2012

it's time for...

One of my favorite posts of the week, since it lets me celebrate the things that I absolutely love (also because it lets me play with MS paint, and that always reminds me of my childhood). 
Like I mentioned earlier today, Tim has been such a lifesaver this week. Thanks to him (and his patience; again, bless him), I've been able to marginally hold on to the shreds of sanity I possess throughout the week. He's definitely earning the awesome surprise outing I have planned for tomorrow afternoon....
...which are totally not going to be a surprise to you (since Tim doesn't really read this that often, and I'll be telling him our destination right after work, it's no biggie).

We're going whalewatching (again)! We are finally going to make use of the vouchers we got on our last trip, since we didn't see any whales that time. This will be event 1 of a three-part anniversary present, the other parts of which he will receive on our actual anniversary. I'm stoked.

Also, my parents may be visiting us this weekend, too! Since I don't get Monday off, they may not come down, but that's within the realm of possibilities. Which is fantastic.
Once upon a time, we wandered into an antique store and my dear husband Tim fell in love with a sad, neglected typewriter sitting on a bottom shelf. It was old, it was broken, and half of its keys didn't actually type anything. {I talked him out of buying it}. But still, he dreamed of how awesome it would be to send a type-written thank-you card to his business contacts. Months and months go by, and he's still thinking about that silly typewriter, and looking for anything similar at other stores we pop into. Finally, after dreaming about it for a good year, we found one. It sits on top of a wine-crate bookshelf next to some milk glass bottles, and is just so vintagey and kitschy and perfect.
And we really do use it all the time! Tim's sent out thank-yous to his big clients, we've used it for three wedding gifts, and it's made appearances in little surprises for each other, too (above).
Side note: who knew how expensive typewriters were?! We googled the one we had after we bought it, since it looked really cool and we were just so curious. One just like it (same year and everything) was listed online for nine hundred dollars. Say whaaaaa?

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