Friday, August 24, 2012

making waves and catching rays

This is my jam today: 

Sorry, Mommy; I know how you loooooove country.
As soon as I'm off the clock, we're off to the lake. 
We'll be drinking in rays and sipping margaritas for the next two days.
Trying to celebrate the last free weekend before school starts back up the best way we know how.
Have a great weekend. We sure as heck will.


  1. I LOVE THAT SONG! It's totally the way we treat the lake too. Have fun! -T

  2. Ooh good thing there's a slash thru the vid and I can't even see it! (thanks for the shout out, btw). Enjoy the weekend! Love mom

  3. Sound like you have a lovely weekend in store! Enjoy! xo


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