Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amy and Jared's wedding day!

The bachelorette party kicked off wedding weekend with a bang, and the rehearsal and dinner went off without a hitch. Before we knew it, it was time for our pretty little bride Amy to get married!
The wedding was to be held around sunset at the beautiful Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, and oh my gosh what a pretty place! We got there in the morning to get ready, since the majority of the wedding photos would be taken before the ceremony (to ensure we had the best light, of course!).
Wilson Creek Winery Wedding
Amy was so excited and surprisingly calm! I tried to make sure she was never worried, that she ate and drank plenty of water, and she made my job easy ;)
Her dress was romantic and elegant, and so perfectly Amy. All lace, v-neck, keyhole back. Additionally, in line with her type-A personality, she found it on her first dress hunt, just a week after she got engaged (which was nine months early!). I of course made her a Brittany's Joy hanger to display her pretty :)
How gorgeous were those flowers???!!!!!! Ugh I was so in love with them. I was so jealous she got married during Anemone season; I wanted them so bad at my wedding!
Our bridesmaid gifts: Adorable bow bracelet (that I have yet to take off!) and pretty blush stone earrings.

We made ourselves up, slipped into our H&M bridesmaid dresses (no longer available), had donned our jewelry, tucked Amy's veil in place, took a bunch of photos, and got them MARRIED!
Wilson Creek Winery Brittany's joy wedding
My bestie, ready to get married!

The pre-reception photos end here, becasuse I was standing up with Amy as they got married and Tim was a little late to the reception so he couldn't grab the camera from the Brides' room. Oh well!
The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful, and you betcha I cried! Afterwards, it was time for the reception in the ballroom!
Being the MOH (even if I shared duties with Amy's sister, Katie), I had to give a toast to the new bride and groom. I was SO NERVOUS, but quickly realized that I knew nobody outside of the bridal party and a few family members, and that I really had no reason to be embarrassed. So, even though I had to go immediately after the grand entrance (talk about an adrenaline rush!), I gave them a toast filled with stories of the awkward beginning of their relationship, my time as a roommate with Amy, and peppered with Star Trek references and good natured pot-shots at the groom. So fun! I got the laughs, which was my goal :)
After sweet toasts by best man and father of the bride, and the first dances (one of which started out as a waltz then blew up into a fun swing number; go Amy and her dad Larry!), it was time to party!
Westmont Bridesmaids: Alanna (to be married next!), Amy's sister Katie, Sarah, and me.
On the dance floor with the boo, photobombed by my co-MOH Katie :)
Before long, the reception was over and it was time for the grand exit. WHICH INCLUDED SPARKLERS, WHICH I LOVE.
YEEEEEE sparklers!
my college buddy (and junior-year roommate) Sarah and me
We did nearly set ourselves on fire, though; which makes for a great memory. I may or may not have shouted an obscenity at this point, whoops!
With that, the wedding was over and the bride and groom were off in their limo! They'd spend the next week in Costa Rica enjoying the sun and the last week of their Christmas break, to begin the next semester of Grad School as Mr & Mrs!


  1. looks like a wonderful wedding -- the sparkler photos are so fun!

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