Monday, January 13, 2014

since we last spoke,

Well, not only did I forget to hit "publish" on the post about Amy & Jared's actual wedding day, I forgot to actually finish it! So... haha. That will actually be coming tomorrow, I promise this time. It was really quite lovely, so it's worth the wait ;)

Things have been crazy the last few days in our household, but the good kind of crazy. The productive kind, anyway. Tim was out on a long-awaited business trip Thursday and Friday, the first in a few months! The months-long break was necessary, as over the summer he was traveling at least 50% of the month. No joke! It was a challenge to jump back into the travel, actually, even though he was only gone two days.

Since we last talked:
I had a good six inches chopped off my hair, and now I feel like a new woman. I should in fact feel like an old woman, or at least a younger version of my current woman-hood, because it turns out my "new" haircut is actually almost identical to my hair style in high school.
Don't believe me? Proof.
Oh well. The wheel of fashion, and all that.

I *finally* almost-finished a project that's been in the works for a year and a half, no joke: the franken-dresser. Remember that? I don't fault you if you don't; I barely do! BUT, it's finally done and I'm happy. The end. More to come.

We said goodbye to two dear friends who are now living in South Africa for a year! They will be living near the town of Franschhoek, working with Bridges Academy to start an after school program for high-risk and/or orphaned high school students. God be with them! To follow their journey with Bridges, visit their blog here!

We finally did something we've been meaning to do forever: return our stupid dual blender/food processor we bought at Costco two years ago. You guys, we've got it a little after we got married and hated it ever since. We thought it would make more sense to have a blender that also had a food processor attachment so we didn't have to buy both, and so we bought one (we had this one. It sucked.). My experience with dual-purpose appliances: it does more things less well! I don't know if the one we had was damaged or what, but this thing would scream when we turned it on and it always smelled like burning plastic after running it for a few moments. GROSS!
Here's where this story gets miraculous. We bought it more than two years ago, on a different Costco membership than we currently have. We tossed the packaging and receipt LONG ago, so we had to carry the pieces into the store in our arms (and there were a lot of pieces!). Costco still let us return it, no questions asked. Moral of the story: Even if you think there's no chance, ask anyway. Especially if it's Costco.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Your hair looks great! And no shame in going back to hairstyles that worked!


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