Monday, January 6, 2014


Exciting news! While getting ready for a hike this Saturday, we flipped up the seats of our car and lo and behold: the missing camera
Apparently, "I tore the car apart looking for it" is a relative statement, and nothing should be deemed "lost" until I do the looking. Haha what a dork. Somehow in the process of searching, the seat got folded down on top of the camera and it was "stolen". It was such a relief to find it!

Red Rock, on the way to the Gibraltar Reservoir. SO pretty!
 After rejoicing for a bit and laughing at ourselves for awhile, we hit the trails to hike to our local reservoir. The hike was gorgeous, but the creek beds were totally dry so it wasn't as pretty as it usually is, and the actual reservoir had hundreds of NO TRESPASSING signs around it so we couldn't even go to it.

This was clearly once a waterfall.
 There were a few spots where the creek bed was deep enough to leave pools when the water retreated, so we spent some time there. We tried to make Daisy swim (NOT having it, so we threw her in instead). She wasn't thrilled haha.

 She did, however, LOVE running circles in the mud. The muddier the dog, the happier the dog!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Whew, glad you found the camera! Ya'll need some rain, I'm sure it's gorgeous with the waterfall going!


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