Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The weekend--a quick visit to Angel Island

This past weekend, Tim and I headed up to the Bay Area for a Westmont Alumni event up at Ebay and Paypal. The event itself wasn't really blog-worthy (except their offices are AWESOME and Paypal would have some really cool functionality for offline use IF stores actually adopted it...!). Long story short--it was a cool but not all that memorable experience.
The event was on friday night, so once it was over, we had the rest of the weekend free! We were lucky to be up there on a weekend that both my parents AND my brother and his wife were around, so we all loaded up the boat and took it out to Angel Island (like we did for the Fourth of July last year).
The weather was perfect compared to what we dealt with back in the summer--not a cloud in the sky! Typical for the Bay, I tell ya; there's never been a colder winter than summer in San Francisco.
Devon & Tim before we left shore
Dev, Adri, me, and Tim as we crossed beneath the new Bay Bridge. Dev blinked but it's the only one that came out.
Sailboats between Angel Island and Sausalito. Such a pretty day!
A short boat ride later, we arrived at Angel island. Dogs aren't allowed on the island, so we'd left Daisy at home, but the six of us still had fun without her ;) We picnicked on the boat for awhile, enjoying the sun, and took a really short hike partially around the island. So beautiful!
The Golden Gate Bridge from Angel Island
Devon and I like to make it a point to take at least one stupid picture per visit. This was ours.
It was so fun to catch up with the fam all together, like picking up right where we left off.
Adri & Dev on the Island // This is a rare photo of my dad&mom; they;re not even making silly faces!
After a leisurely day out on the water and on the island, we headed back home. I can't think of a more relaxing Saturday! 


  1. Sab & Wayne lookin GOOOOD - pretty sure that's the only photo I've ever seen of them both being norms


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