Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Amy's blushing bride bachelorette party

SO. Now that I have my camera back (YAY!), I can post about the wedding weekend! I had the pleasure of being one of Amy's Maids of Honor, and so bachelorette party planning fell into my hands. 
We held the party at Amy's Escondido apartment the Thursday before the wedding, so we decked the place out when she was picking up her sister-in-law.
It was SO FUN! I etched some champagne glasses for the occasion with the first letter of each bachelorette's name, and picked up a bunch of tame bachelorette party decorations online (no man-member-shaped paraphernalia for this party!). 
 I had so much fun hunting up decorations, and was thrilled with how they worked out. We decked out the apartment with dollar store streamers and giant confetti and pink ice gems from Oriental Trading Company. I also picked up sequin masquerade masks (which may or may not have made another appearance at our NYE party the next week!). The giant tinsel curtain was probably my favorite, so festive! it was 8x16 of pure bling; I'm totally going to get another one for the next party I throw. It's currently sold out in gold, but there are four other colors available!
 Bling was the way to go!
Laaaaadies night!
Our first official stop was the traditional bridal party must the week of the wedding: mani-pedis! We went to Nails & Spa by Taffy in Escondido and they did us up right! Just a few of us got our nails done, but it was a relaxing way to kick off wedding weekend.

Our second stop was Vin de Syrah, a wine and spirits parlor in San Diego's gaslamp district (about 20 minutes away).

VDS Yelp
Uh, this place ROCKED. You entered through a basement entrance "hidden" in a grass wall. Once inside, it was like falling down the rabbit hole!

VDS Yelp page
Amy's bridal party was a mix of family and college friends, so not everyone knew each other. We were able to order some appetizer-y snacks and just get to know each other. With glowsticks. The only way to go.

Alanna, Katie, Lindsey // Amy, Sarah
Me, Amy, Sarah in our VIP booth!
We were there on a Thursday night (It was so DEAD!) and actually wound up sitting in the VIP section, which was pretty cool. I'll take it!
After Syrah, we headed down the street a block or two for dinner at The Shout House, a dueling piano bar! I don't know if you've ever been to a dueling piano bar (or if there is even one in your area), but if you have the option, definitely check it out. At the Shout House, their show is request driven so they played a mix of pop top-40 as well as old-school rock-and-roll. A few other randoms got thrown in there too, like hip-hop and a country song or two, and they also changed the words occasionally to make fun of a particular patron celebrating something. It was hilarious. We stayed under the radar to avoid mortifying our little bride ;) I didn't take any pics in there because it was SUUper dark, but it was absolutely fantastic!

Afterwards, we headed back to the apartment for a little lingerie shower and some Wii just dance ;) so fun!
Come back tomorrow for photos from the wedding day!

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  1. I was married at this fantastic venue with best service possible. I mentioned wanting water to a bridesmaid, and I turned around to find someone waiting with a glass.


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