Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome-Face

:-/ Awkward Face!
  1. Realizing I actually DO need the reading glasses I got for fun. Catching myself peering over them disapprovingly at people like an old lady.
  2. Trying to sign my timecard with eyeliner. Why it was in my pencil cup, we'll never know.
  3. Making fun of husband for losing all of our coffee mugs, only to find six of them in the backseat of my car.
  4. Walking barefoot through a squishy patch of grass at the end of my lunch break, and having to just shove my flats on over the mud and go back to work. And then having to teach the next three hours with muddy feet and a wet grass-stained butt. Apparently, just because it feels like summer doesn't mean it IS!
:-D Awesome Face!
  1. Husband making me breakfast. Every. Single. Morning. Makes getting up all that much easier :)
  2. Reading dates in the guestroom. Cheese and wine and candles included.
  3. Finally getting my new driver's license, after FIVE separate trips to the DMV. And the picture isn't half bad :)
  4. Keeping up the tradition combining Chardonnay and girl talk. India's going to be lucky to have you, friend :(
  5. While trying to catch up on all my "girl" tv shows, I catch husband pretending to read the Kindle while he was really actually watching too. 
  6. My job. It's rad. Also being so in-demand with my students that I have to set up (and enforce!) open office hours. 
Just a few awkward and awesome snippets of the past week :)

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I'm hoping to make this a pretty regular thing; let's see how this goes!


  1. yay for awkward and awesome! love these! and putting on shoes when your feet are all muddy, sandy or wet is just the worst! but way to push through it girl :)
    xo TJ

  2. i'm going to miss you soooo much pseudo sister!


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