Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, we really want a house. Like sometimes-it's-hard-to-sit-still-because-we're-squirming-with-excitement as we talk about the possibility. 

(Our Dream house..... ok maybe just Mitchell & Cameron's from Modern Family. But still.) 
We've taken peeksies at a TON of places, mostly just for fun, but recently the talk started getting more serious. Is this a real option? 
No really; please?
We're starting to think that yes, it really might be...! It's been a really fun process, though, thinking about all the possibility wrapped up in a decision like this. We could paint! DO whatever we wanted! (okaymaybewhateveriwanted. But seriously, how cool would this be?)
All this dreaming has been deadly. My "Crafting" and "home decorating" pinboards on Pinterest are stuffed full of ideas and inspiration that can't be realized until we've got a mortgage. Har har. And then those ideas and inspiration will have to wait some more until we've got money and time. 
Both of which we could use more of... Like everybody else in the world...
But anyway. That's neither here nor there. 

Anyway. For now, we'll dream. But we're loving every minute of it.

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