Thursday, January 26, 2012

So awkward, but so awesome

  • Realizing halfway through the day that I had put my sweater on backwards while getting ready in the morning. Whoops.
  • Impulse-buying hot chocolate online. Six pounds of it, people! I've got a problem. I don't even like chocolate all that much. But OH is this stuff delicious. I don't care that it's seventy-five degrees during the day.
  • Forgetting that the neighbors newly-trimmed trees mean that the whole freeway can see into our room whenever I change clothes if I forget to close the curtains. TMI? Probably. But that's why it's under "Awkward". 
  • Knowing that a student needed to  X-Y-Z but keeping it to myself because I was too embarrassed to tell her... To the girl in PSY-013 lab, I'm so SORRY!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joint checking accounts!
  • Winter=Clementine season! I could eat those suckers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I'm not allowed to anymore boo).
  • Google Chats during the day
  • Great deals on fantastic shoes. Hubby's reply: "Those are... nice?"... Men.
Out of stock, but normally $39.
I picked 'em up for $20. Win.
  • Being able to ride the scoot-scoot around town on the weekends. Seventy-five and clear in January? This won't last forever, but we'll take it as long as it lasts :).
  • Hearing "That's the best credit score I've ever seen from someone your age". Sa-weet.
  • Getting to correct people with the phrase "'s Mrs." (!)
  • Related: Putting an offer in on a HOUSE! More on that later.
Just a little of the awkward and awesome this week :)

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