Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: Project in Progress!

A few weeks ago, hubbs and I were meandering through furniture stores, pretending we had just come into a gazillion dollars and could outfit our theoretical pad from top to bottom.

What a wake-up call! We're recent college graduates AND newlyweds; most of the furniture that fills our little apartment now were castoffs from family or friends. The only furniture we've ever even looked at in a store was when we were registering for our wedding, and it was more of a wistful glance than anything. Not yet, honeybuns.

One of the things we fell in love with (in spite of the price tag) was a headboard covered in thick-weave fabric and trimmed with upholstery nails. I can't remember the store we were in, but here are a few examples you can drool over like we did:

Nice, right? This last one was the picture that sealed the deal for us.
Anyway, after checking out examples of these perfect backrest for a few minutes, husband and I looked at each other with the look in our eyes. You know, THE look. The "I can totally make that" look.

My life story. 

However, we've already finished about half of the project, and are still optimistic about our results!
Husband and I picked Centsational Girl's tutorial (last photo above) to replicate. 

Wanna see our progress? Here's a sneak peek: 
Hubby breaks out the screwdriver to fix a mistake that I have already made... Oops.

We're really excited :).

Have you ever started a DIY project with high hopes? How did it turn out for you?

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