Friday, May 18, 2012

accidental knock-offs revisited {three months later} // diy

Remember a couple months back, when I accidentally knocked-off a pair of J-crew flats? 
Read the full post here if you missed it.
(the "inspiration" shoes are Jcrew viv stripe flats)

After the first post went live, I got a lot of questions (comments, emails, fb messages) about how they would hold up. After all, they were just fabric and glue! Now that I've been wearing them for more than three months, I can address it. 

The answer? They've definitely seen better days:  

Forgive the cruddy phone photos (although that's pretty much par for the course on this blog). The fabric's shredding where I drag my feet (BAD Brittany!), peeling away from the soles, and the pointy-toes are getting a little crinkly. All not so great things.

BUT here are the "pros": in those three months they have remained totally water-resistant. They are comfortable and not stiff as a board like I thought they would be. They're still pretty cute. They were almost free.


Would you try something like this?


  1. oh gosh, i absolutely love this! who wouldn't want to do something like this ;)
    xo TJ

  2. That's interesting!!! They look good and hey if they were *free* u can't complain! Even if you bought the authentic shoes they probably would still tear where u drag your feet :)

  3. This is great, I love that you posted these 'after' shots. Plus getting three months wear out of them is definitely a win in my books.



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