Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Notes

I rescheduled my little notes post to today, because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. HA!

Dear Mister:
Thank you for not judging me as I cried like a baby during the Desperate Housewives series finale. Also, working to put the new couch together so I could watch said finale in our new TV room? You're perfect.

Dear readers:
You guys are great! The comments and little email messages you leave me just make my heart smile. Thanks so much :)
Dear San Diego
Let's be friends. This weekend was fun. (recap is coming, promise!).

Dear Ikea:
I'm in love with you. I'm more than a little bitter that you are so far away from me. After our little shopping spree this past weekend, husband and I are experts at decoding your instruction booklets. Although that couch was a doozy. (also, although we love our new couch, packing it in four gigantic boxes was a little annoying. It made the drive home from San Diego a huge crazy pain).

Dear Bachelorette Emily:
I was surprised about your premiere "meet and greet" episode...You're not as boring as I thought you would be. I'm still not convinced you were the best pick, but oh well. Husband and I have already picked out our favorite contenders.

Dear little under-desk coffee maker:
Since husband leaves for work so darn early (that's what you get for selling to the East Coast!), we can't tag-team the morning routines anymore. Oh man that first week was ROUGH. But you, little under-desk coffee maker, let me skip a step in the routine and brew coffee at work. Whoo hoo! Thanks for that. Without you I'd probably be late to work every single day.

Dear self:
Life is precious. Look for the beauty in today. It's there, I promise.
Dear Sparkly nails:
You make me feel fancy. Thanks for sticking around for longer than 15 seconds.

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