Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick Birthday Weekend Recap

So, my sneaky husband and brother made my 24th birthday one of my favs EVER.
Brother is a student at San Diego State, and we went down to visit! It was a complete surprise. I hadn't been down there in a couple years, so husband decided it would be the perfect place to spend my 24th birthday.

He used AirBnB to rent us this fabulous fourth-floor loft, right smack in the middle of the Gaslight District. Talk about city-living! 
Sorry for the awful pictures, I only took pictures at night. Everything was reclaimed wood and cement and steel. Husband was in HEAVEN (except for the parking situation; yikes!)

And as if that wasn't spectacular enough, brother joined us on Saturday as we went to the San Diego Zoo! It was really fun, but super exhausting--we were DONE after maybe three and a half hours. It was hot and crowded and tiring and Toms were NOT made for walking. haha. I LOVED spending time with my two favorite young men :) So much so that we never took ANY pictures. Boo.

One of the highlights for me was cramming all three of us into a tiny photobooth and switching places for each picture... High-larious. UNfortunately they just made us pick one picture rather than have a strip with all 3, but it was great memories.
The rest of the day was spent with brother and his lady, exploring Pacific Beach and people watching. College students in the middle of finals can be pretty entertaining ;). We had yummy sushi too.

On the way home, husband and I popped in to Ikea to continue the process of taking rentership. We were able to unpack some of the goods, but the biggest ones took a few days to open up (and completely took over the living room in the meantime!). So excited!!

There were FOUR of these boxes, plus a bunch of smaller ones. What were we thinking? hahaPhotobucket

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  1. aw, sounds perfect!!!
    yay for ikea purchases!
    and people watching is my favorite thing ever :)
    xo JT


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