Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Original source unknown. 
On a note unrelated to anything awkward and awesome, I love typography. 
If I had unlimited space, money, and projects for it, I'd probably own a letterpress. 
I'd emboss all my rent checks or something. 
  •  I am still peeling from a bad sunburn I got three weeks ago!!! We had gone to the lake, and since it was the first real "summer" outing of the year I was really careful to use sunscreen and stay under the umbrella. I still burned to a crisp. Grr. 
  • Getting sung the "Happy Birthday" song. In public. Somehow every. single. birthday husband sneaks one in. Hooooolymoly that's embarrassing, no matter where you are. (Yes, I do think its sweet too, but those two things are not mutually exclusive) 
  • The entire area outside my office building carries the distinct odor of formaldehyde? I'm almost 90% sure it wasn't my fault, but still; Yick. It's hot outside and the smell's getting worse. 
  • Our house feels like a completely new apartment! We completely rearranged the majority of our furniture and are loving the change. Plus we added some new bits as well :) Before and After pics to come, eventually. Because we still have cardboard everywhere. 
  • Hearing these words come out of my sweet husband: "which do you want to watch: The Bachelorette premiere or Desperate Housewives Finale? Either one is fine with me." The way to a woman's heart, man, I tell ya. 
  • Getting birthday photo texts from the grandparents-in-law. Never thought I'd say ANY of those things. It was the sweetest little surprise. 

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