Friday, May 11, 2012


High-five to me! 

Today's the first day of my weekend, and I'm DRINKING it in. I'm lunching at the harbor with a bunch of secretaries from work, dropping off what feels like 60% of our combined wardrobe at the thrift store (and maybe popping in to see what fun things I can find...)

OH YEAH AND it's my birthday weekend! I'll be turning 24 tomorrow, officially in the midst of my "mid-twenties". Which is super weird.

I always have loved it when my birthday falls on a Saturday; it just seems a whole lot more spectacular. As soon as husband gets off work today we're hopping in the car and going... somewhere. I've got a couple hints, but am honestly pretty clueless. I've just been told to dress comfortable and to not plan on coming home until Sunday night. Oh the suspense is KILLING me!

I made cupcakes last night in honor of my birthday (well, technically they were for Bible Study, but I counted them as Birthday cupcakes). They started out as rainbow cupcakes, but since I majorly failed on the layering, they became.....
Have a fantastic weekend, friends! What are you doing?

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