Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little notes

Dear Creativity: 
Curses on you for giving me flashes of inspiration but not the capacity/talent (?) to carry them out. I bit off more than I could chew on a project recently and ruined a birthday present. Guess that's why most normal people buy their friends' birthday presents.

Dear Week:
It's only Wednesday and already I'm totally wiped. Looks like you're going to be around a while.

Dear BB&B:
Don't tell anyone, but I get all of your coupons twice because our previous tenant never changed her address... I love that they never expire and even though the cashier always judges me a little bit, I'm thrilled to use a handful each time I go. (Ditto to Michael's). And I love that I'm still using gift cards, almost 9 months AFTER the wedding. Ha!

Dear Jeggings:
I caved to your comfy-ness *hangs head in shame*. And I think I'm in love.

Dear Desk:
I really would appreciate it if you started to just tidy yourself. I swear as soon as I clear you of papers and textbooks and keys, it all creeps back in. And it's summer, what the heck?! I shouldn't have this much crap. 
Dear Summer Vacation spot:
We think we've picked you. Now don't go and up the airline ticket prices in the next couple days, k?

Dear Bert the bird:
You're a brat. And I love you. But you've gotta stop giving my parents hell, K?
I got this pic from my mamma this morning:
"don't mind me, I'm just destroying everything in my path." I love him.


  1. haha. oh the BB&B coupons ... they keep telling me they're going to expire. every single year they say that. It's been like 10 years! geeez. I just wish they would tell the truth and say "they will neeeeever expire".

    1. I KNOW! I died laughing when I got an expired-five-years-ago coupon in a wedding card, thinking that my friend was just ridiculously scatterbrained. Nope! Just thoughtful :). I think it's one of those "insider" secrets--they're not going to tell anyone, but they'll accept them forever.
      Which is fine with me..!

  2. Bert was making confetti the last three days at my house, it looked like he was getting ready to start a family, but HE IS A GUY and can't lay eggs. ( Bird brain )

    1. He's so dumb!! haha but you are so sweet to take care of him, he loves staying at Metz's house :)

  3. oh yay! i love little notes! aren't they fun! :)
    and don't worry. i'm in love with jeggings too. i can't ever go back! ha
    xo TJ


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