Friday, February 3, 2012


This is both a mushy and pic-heavy post.  You've been warned.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that it is NOT actually my halfiversary, I am embarrassingly and horrifyingly already forgetting my own wedding date. Today is five months. But anyway. Carry on.

It's our halfiversary today (aka six-month wedding anniversary; trademark, copyright, and claimsies on that word because I just made it up), which I normally wouldn't commemorate, but tomorrow we go to our first wedding as a married couple. Whoo! Naturally, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Now onto some gratuitous shots of our lovely mugs.

First kiss as a married couple!
...Second kiss as a married couple! (It was our wedding day, sheesh! We kissed a whole lot)
Fabulous {and incredibly attractive} bridal party.
First dance.
Haha bridals.
 Just a little tease :)

Our fabulous photographer Jessica gave us like a thousand pictures, and since a picture's worth a thousand words... that's seriously a LOT. Obviously I can't frame every single one of the pictures that she took, even if I might want to {creepy wedding shrine, anyone?}. So I turned to my good 'ol friend Blurb.

That, my good friends, is our lovely Wedding Album.

I was really impressed with our album. It only took a couple hours to put together (strung out over several days, which made it feel longer), it was inexpensive, and the quality was great! Not perfect, of course, but I was really happy with it.

 Oh what's that? You want a peek inside? Well, okay, just a peek. :)

Artsy-fartsy  view of the wedding party's duds.
Ladies getting ready at the Chuch, with a teensy peek at the customized hanger I made for my dress on the left!
Bridesmaids :) These girls are the best!
Sunset as Bride and Groom. It was {and still is!} so surreal.
They had tons and tons and tons of preset layouts, but it was also really easy to customize the layouts to be exactly what I needed. It was perfect.

I also used Blurb to make hubby's wedding gift, but naturally I'm not going to show you that ;)

{all wedding-related photos are courtesy of Jessica Fairchild Photography. She's the bomb}

After making photo books for two different projects, I'm thinking about FINALLY making one to document my semester abroad. Three years later. We'll see how that goes.

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  1. aww, yea for remembering such a fantastic day! haha, and yea one of these days i'll use blurb to document day.... :)


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