Monday, October 29, 2012

5 things i learned this halloweekend

1:: Halloween is REALLY big in our town. For the first time in a couple years, we got dressed up and went downtown to play. 

2:: Dressing up really is pretty darn fun. I'd forgotten.
 Don Draper (actually using the typewriter, priceless) // Hipster Dorothy (bathroom photos were all I got)

3:: No photos should EVER be taken in a club. Ever. (Pre-night-out photo via @kaseysander. No pictures of the rest of the night will ever see the light of day. )

4:: Cabbies do NOT pick up at our apartment at night. They will, however, pick you up if you walk half a block and flag them down. Who knew? 

5:: There's a whole lotta nekkid out on Halloween. Way to class it up, Santa Barbara.

How was your weekend? Did you go out to play for "Halloween"?


  1. I love Halloween (all holidays, really) and your costume is adorable! I totally agree with the fact that people tend to wear VERY little clothing on Halloween (regardless of your area!): I'm on a college campus and I regularly had to ask myself Friday night "...wait, is she even wearing clothing?"

  2. Don Draper! LOVE!!!!!!!! Ah I love Don.

    You look super cute as hipster Dorothy. I also went out as Dorothy too on the weekend :) I'm blogging it on the 31st.

    We went to a house party then to a Halloween event at my fav bar.

    The had a stripper in a mask, with a chainsaw!! Hahahahahhah awesome.

  3. Both of your costumes are so super cute!! I'm not a big Halloween person, but I love seeing people's costume ideas!


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