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A:: Annie: the fake name I used to give out in coffee shops and at the ridiculous "dating and friendship" quizzes that they used to give us in high school. No, I am not joking about that; they really gave us questionnaires in school that would match us with other students. I didn't want anyone to see my name if it popped up on their "results", so I used a fake name. 
Best part? My fake name showed up on all my friends match results. Win.

B::  Brittany & bananas. My name is Brittany, and I have this thing about bananas. If they are 100% yellow, I will not eat them. There has to be green on the stem. Not a lot, but it's got to be there. Any banana that is green-free is Tim-food or destined for Banana bread. (My mom's the same way).

this isn't related to curry, I just like it.
C:: Curry {coconut, panang, or yellow; don't care which}. Perhaps it's a result of months spent in the South Pacific, but I LOVE me some curry. Seriously, ask Tim; I'd eat panang any day of the week if offered. In a pinch, I'll settle for curry powder, but it's not always good enough.

D:: DIY + (insert anything here).  Also known as knockoff-obsessed. I have a serious obsession with making my own whatever. I find a really cute outfit or dress online? Let's make it! Great piece of furniture at Pottery Barn or whatever? I can totally do that for less! Wonderful face cleansing pads? Ooh, look: a recipe! I love it, but I am fully aware that normal people don't try to DIY everything.

E:: Editor. Sometimes I think it would be incredibly awesome if I were an editor at a big-name publishing company. You know, one that publishes novels, not textbooks or anything like that. Like in "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan what's-his-face. Because I love to read and it would be cool to be paid for it. Anyone have any connections? kthanks.

F:: Fall. I love all the seasons, but there's just something about Fall that is so wonderful. So sensual.  Seriously; what other season gets so much attention from the senses? The changing fall colors (on the three trees in town that change color, of course), the smell of rain on the pavement (the few days it rains here), the the tastes (and smells too) of pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg and deliciousness, the sound of the Santa Ana winds (which to be fair aren't as fun as they used to be after the 2008-09 fires in Santa Barbara, but still), the crisp feel of the air in the evenings while the days still remain warm... Luxurious. Love it.

G:: GLITTER. Sparkles make the world go round {not}. But they do make the world more sparkly, and that's fantastic :). I will never rarely say no to some sparkle. Hence the new iphone case.

H:: Homeowners. Someday {soon?}. We would love to be homeowners, preferably ASAP. {I've talked about it a little bit here and here}. While the timing hasn't been right with the past few houses we've seen, we are still really excited and hope to have a little home of our own sometime soon.

I:: Ice skating, my preferred birthday-party destination for every birthday party between 9 and 11. And again when I was 22. Not kidding around about this stuff.
For those early parties, I would wear my fuzzy angora sweater (a hand-me-down from Mom, it was the 90's after all) and skate my little heart out, dreaming about the day when I would finally convince my parents to let me buy one of the ice-skating dresses they sold in the Skate Shop.  Puh-leeeeeeeezeeeee????? I'd totally wear it every day!!!!! Any excuse to wear rhinestones on a daily basis was GOLD back then. (Let's be honest, it's still gold. The iphone case I ordered is bedazzled. Don't want one of those dresses anymore, though.  I mean, seriously.)

J:: Jellyfish. The only underwater creature I'm actually  to see in an aquarium. Seriously! I can handle those shark tunnels where they're swimming all around you, but I canNOT handle the jellyfish tanks. You ever been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? They basically surround you. Not an experience I'd care to revisit. I was stung by a jellyfish when I was a freshman in high school, and it took me years to want to go snorkeling again.
And to save you the inconvenience of having to ask: no, I didn't have anyone pee on it. That's gross.

K:: Karaoke. I love to sing {anytime, anywhere, in front of anyone}, but I can't stomach Karaoke. It's just so awkward! It's fun to watch, but... no. 

L:: Lipstick. Blog-regulars know this isn't really something that needs to be explained. Love it.

M:: Mack, McNugget, Mack-Daddy, Mr. Puff-ball, Monkey. All pet names for either Tim or Spock. Can you guess whose is whose? {hint: they can't}. 

PS. These two are inseparable. If Spock can see Tim, he will try to get to him. Even if it means "flying" down a flight of stairs. (he's not all that skilled at this flying stuff; still a baby)

N:: Nanopets. Remember those, children of the nineties? I never had one, and I may or may not have made fun of the kids who had them {and brought them to school with them, and played with them at recess, etc}. I also may or may not have secretly wanted one.

O:: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. No explanation needed. They're da BOMB.

P:: PC FO LIFE! The hubby is a Mac guy, and truth be told most of our home computer products are Apple products, but my heart will always belong to PCs. #donthate

Q:: Quittin' time. Best time of the day. This is not a joke.

R:: Regrets. {Of which I really do have none.} It's cliche, but even though I've gone through some challenging situations, I really wouldn't take back anything I've ever done or said. I've been disappointed in the way I've handled things, sure, and there are a few things I wish I could do over if I had the chance, but everything I have ever done has brought me to now. And it all happened with a purpose. I really believe that.

S:: Sweet Tooth. I've got a mouth full of 'em, and they can best be satisfied with something sour and/or chewy. Preferably both. Like Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, Sour Skittles, etc.

Great, now I'm drooling.

T:: Thailand and Tim. Two of my loves I hope to one day introduce.

U:: Ubiquitous. I love that word. Look it up, then use it in a sentence. Right now, where we are, it adequately describes maxi skirts, printed or brightly-colored pants, gladiator sandals, animal print, and neon. It's everywhere.

V:: Victory through Christ. Of this I need to remind myself daily. {1 Corinthians 15:57}


W:: Waitress. My dream job at age 9, second only to "famous hollywood actress". I wish I was kidding. I went to Chevy's as a kid and fell in love with the mexican dancing girl costumes the waitresses got to wear to work, and determined then and there that it was my destiny. I got as far as Cater-waiter, but I think I may have missed my calling. 

X:: X-ray. Never had one. Wait, do dental x-rays count? I guess I've had a few then. Whoops.
Y:: Yachting. This is what my family will call "just going out in the boat and driving around" Because did you know that the definition for a yacht is just "a noncommercial vessel propelled by sail or power, used esp for pleasure-cruising, racing, etc" (as listed in the World English Dictionary)? Pretty broad definition, if you ask me. Technically, you could be "Yachting" in a dinghy. Just a thought. Or, like my little brother here, running aground in a ski boat:
Z:: Zeeeeeeeee end :)

Thanks to Erin at Living in Yellow for the inspiration for this post! This was so fun. 

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  1. Love this post! Good luck with the house hunting! We just purchased our first home and it was extremely stressful. You'll find the right one when you least expect it!

  2. What a fun post, loved getting to know more about you! Rob and I are always on the fence about home ownership too so I think we're in a similar place with that. And Nanopets, those were the BEST!

  3. Lipstick and curry, some of my favorite things!!!
    xo TJ

  4. Hey Brittany, thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog - I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out on my blog.

  5. Hahaha "P..." Also I think the banana thing runs in the family? Ripe bananas are SICK.


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