Saturday, October 20, 2012


As you may know, my hsuband's been out of town on business. I've been trying not to complain about it too much because it's really only a week, and so far I've survived okay (Just a couple more hours to go, knock on wood!). I'm incredibly proud of what he's done on this trip, and have loved the little fun phone calls at random hours because he forgets that DC is three hours ahead of me. He's flying home today (after a quick meeting in the Oval office, of course).

So Tim, in case you get a sec to read this:

I miss you bunches.  I finally cleared up my clothes off the floor so you won't trip anymore. I have watched almost an entire season of "that chick show" while you were gone because you weren't there to stop me, MUA HA HA HA HA. I baked those yummy pumpkin tarts for when you get home because no one's been here to steal the cookies I need to make them (and I haven't even eaten a single one yet!).  I used your soap yesterday so I could smell like you. I love you. Hurry home.

Your pseudo-homemaking wife.


  1. Okay either a) I only ever open your blog on mobile or b) you just got a new layout. Either way I like it! And HI TINA!

  2. I nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! It's on my blog today.

    Significance or Nothing.

  3. Haha!! What's your "chick show"?!

    My husband travels a lot too...I feel your pain :(


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