Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodbye weekend, you were the best

I'm justifying the fact that I'm writing about the weekend on Monday night because it's still technically my weekend; I had a 3-day weekend and took COMPLETE advantage of it! 
It was glorious. 
Husband and I went out in the Santa Barbara Harbor on Saturday! A couple weeks ago we pretended to be tourists and grabbed a bunch of "what to do in Santa Barbara" maps at the Visitor's Center downtown, and one of the maps contained a coupon for a half-day whalewatching cruise. The weather was beautiful, and we had nothing better to do, so why not?
I tried to look nautical. I regretted the lack of a sweatshirt later. Facepalm!
We saw our home from a completely different vantage point (just as beautiful!), but since no whales made an appearance, we got a free voucher to go on their boat again. Sa-weet!
The trip was so worth it, even without the whales.  And we got to cruise with Dolphins and surf the giant boat through the waves (Husband and I would grab hold of the inner guardrails and hop whenever we'd go over a wave--a couple times we had several seconds of hangtime. It was nuts. But anyway.).
FLIPPER! (Sorta)
Even though it was an absolutely beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky, it was COLD on that boat. I've grown up on boats my whole life, and I'm ashamed to admit I wasn't prepared.
Overexposed (both me and the picture!) Har har
Now I know why they sell those stupid sweatshirts on sightseeing boats. It's for unprepared "tourists" like me. Husband shelled out the money to the absolutely THRILLED concessions seller on the boat and we left with another souvenir of our trip... That we'll probably never wear again. Oh well.
Hold onto your hats! And your ridiculously overpriced sweatshirt.
It was even colder as the sun went down (and we slightly regretted taking the scooter rather than a heated car!). We thawed out with some coffee and chowder at a harbor-side restaurant and watched the sun go down, then bundled up and shivered the whole way home.
Mmmmm, warm and toasty.
 How was your weekend?


  1. Wow! I think you really did have a fun weekend!

  2. Such a cute outfit!!!! Looks like u had a marvelous weekend! I love little mini holidays on the weekend, so relaxing :)

    1. Thanks, Neeno! And acting like a tourist in your hometown is the BEST, it makes the weekend seem special and gives you something to look forward to during the workweek ;)


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