Thursday, February 16, 2012

A & A Thursday (that's awkward and awesome, of course)

  • Finally getting hit with the flu bug that's been traveling around campus. I don't know what the deal is! Why does a sick day sound so much better than it actually is? We glorify taking sick days, but they really just suck. By day two of my sickness I was not sleepy anymore (I'd slept the entire day before), but was still too weak to do anything else. I felt like I belonged in this video:
If you've never seen Muppet Treasure Island (1996) before, please do. 
  • Realizing that it doesn't matter if I live in a dorm room or a two bedroom apartment. I will still find a way to lose my phone for days (it's still missing). When I find it, the only person who will have called me during that time was me, trying to locate it. Whoops. (It's STILL missing. It's been almost a week).
via madaxeman
    • FINALLY noticing how quickly I can go from "Honey, we're not going to make the reservation; you're not even going the speed limit!!" to "Oh my gosh you're going to get us arrested!". Those two phrases seriously came out of my mouth one after the other. Sorry, everyone who's ever driven with me.
    • Playing Tourist over the weekend in our city! We hit the Visitor's Center and got all kinds of "What to do" kinds of brochures, which taught us a lot abut our city and gave us TONS of coupons for free stuff! We've lived here for almost six years, how is this the first time we've ever done this?? We tried a new restaurant and got kick-behind food and $3 mimosas, which was also awesome.
    • Having ridiculous conversations before drifting off to sleep. Like, for example, how weird would it be if your bed would travel throughout the night, Bedknobs and Broomsticks style? You'd go to sleep in one room and wake up somewhere else, and not have a clue what happened...? No? Just me then... See, ridiculous!
    • Being able to have a fantastic Valentine's Day despite a crappy venue. The restaurant did NOT deliver as expected, but that was fine, we still had a blast (side note, don't go eat where we got married: they totally deliver when it's for a tasting but can't seem to do well for an actual meal. Five courses, and only one was okay? Yick). It's a good thing V-day is about more than just a fancy dinner date and pink balloon hearts.
    • OH and I just baked a cake using JUST boxed cake mix and {part of} a can of soda for tonight. I needed something quick for Home Group tonight, and thought I'd try it out. The test cupcake was delicious, so we'll see how it goes. 

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