Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkwards and Awesomes

  • Those of you who are regular readers might remember this little mishap? Misremembering the anniversary already? Would you believe that this doesn't really come as much of a surprise to me?
  • After running an exam through the scantron machine, I noticed that the all of the grades were really low. Like, REALLY LOW. As in the highest score was a 25%. Further investigation revealed that I had in fact graded the students using the key from a different test. Whoopsie Dasies.
  • Pulling my READING GLASSES down off my head to block the sun. Not only was I still being blinded by the light, everything was also blurry. Fail.
  • Husband booking the most perfect Valentine's date location ever. I can't wait (hint: It's where this happened!)
photo by Jessica Fairchild
  • Keeping. The house. Clean. All week. Yesssssssss I win!!!!!
  • Getting compliments on my outfit three days in a row! This is amazing, especially considering a) the lack of clean laundry in my house and b) the fact that I woke up a half hour before I had to BE at work. Success.
  • Celebrating the friendship of an AMAZING friend before he moves to Seattle. What a Christ-filled night. You're not even gone and I already miss you :(
Just a little of the awkward and awesome bits of the past week!

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