Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's (awkwardly awesome) Thursday!

  • Having to cut myself (WITH SCISSORS!) out of a sewing project because no one was around to help me get out of it. Fail. 
  • Going to bed before 10 once this week. Wanting to do it every night. Yep, I'm a child.
  • My HAIR! It's really embarrassing how badly I need a trim. My split ends have split ends. Lovely.
  • STILL needing to....CoughtakethechristmastreedownCough. I know, it's so awful!!! I'm  mortified. Even more so that I just wrote that on the internet.
  • Two blog-related milestones: more than 1000 unique pageloads in 20 days (Humbled. Who the heck reads this anyway?!?). Also being the #2 most popular link on Things that make you say "Mmmmmm"'s link party this week. Cool!
  • New Checkbooks, sporting BOTH hubby's and my name! They're not super pretty, but super official. 
  • Walking to the beach. In January!
  • Sending husband to Costco for groceries, and he comes home with flowers (oh, he got the food, too; he's responsible). I love that man :)
Since I hate posting without photos, here's something else that's awesome: Hunger Games comes out the end of NEXT month (March 23, in case you're wondering)! 
Hunger Games cast, via Vanity Fair

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