Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Channeling Mad Men

Long weekends are the BEST. Except, of course, when one of us gets Monday off and the other does not. BLAST! In hindsight, it makes perfect sense why husband didn't want to go run off and travel somewhere awesome this weekend--it was just a normal weekend for him. 

He made up for it with a swanky night out on the town (followed by some shopping, he knows me well!).
 We visited a really cool bar called Marquee  (if you live in SB you should DEFINITELY go)

It's a ritzy (but still affordable) cocktail lounge tucked beneath the marquee of the historic Granada Theater. It's suuuuper cool.
via santabarbara.com
Old-Hollywood meets Deco Chic (terminology borrowed from Happy Hour Housewives of SB). This place makes me feel like I'm a character in Mad Men, a show with which I've embarrassingly fallen hopelessly in love. Husband channeled the 60's ad-man persona (in drink only, thankfully), and had an Old Fashioned, while I sampled a cocktail featuring Champagne and Elderflower liqueur, shown at top.
They had absolutely delicious apps, including to-die-for paninis and super-yummy cheese plates, which we've had the pleasure of sampling throughout the course of several date nights.

If you've never gone to Marquee, seriously go check it out (SB locals FYI, it's an Axxess 2-for-1 deal. Random fact: It's owned by the same people as Blush).

In all, it was a great evening, and a great start to a low-key weekend (spent primarily in coffee shops reading or watching the Discovery Channel while folding laundry. That channel is addicting!). 

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