Monday, February 6, 2012

five reasons why this weekend was rad

Having a clean house and KEEPING IT THAT WAY! It's been two days. We'll see how long I can ride this train... 
via CCWD

Seeing hubby all dressed up in wedding duds again. Gets me every time :D
via Prince Harry
HAHA just kidding. Hubby's much more handsome and lots better behaved than Harry. (Also the wedding was wonderful.)

Throwing a successful (if spur of the moment) Superbowl party! It was our first ever, and it didn't hurt that the people we had over were spectacular (You guys rock, seriously). My cookies may also have made an encore appearance.

Success with a sewing project! It even made an appearance outside of my house, which is rare for the things I sew. Normally it feels like I turn out projects that should have found a home in the trash long before I finish. More on the whole process later {but I posted a sneak peek on the new facebook page!).

Not having to cook a single meal the WHOLE weekend. Wedding-related events took care of Friday/Saturday (Thanks guys!), and hubby took care of Sunday. WHOO!
FREEDOM! via LA Bitter Lemons
Here's to hoping next week's as good as this last one was. :D

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