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75 in 12 {A Year with the Kindle}

If you don't know me all that well, here's a little-known fact:
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Seriously. I was one of those read-under-your-covers-with-a-flashlight kind of kids, and things haven't really changed that much over time.

Boxes of to-be-donated books. Buy at Goodwill, read, then donate back: my M.O.

So,  when I think about it, Husband was dead-on with his Valentine's day gift last year.

Working through Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy series.

I've talked about my love for my Kindle before, but I've had it for exactly one year today, and I wanted to commemorate that moment. It's a slow-news day.

Like I said before, I was really skeptical if I would like it or not. Would it be as satisfying to finish a book on the Kindle? "Exit" doesn't have the same effect resolutely closing a book after finishing it. And what about the lack of page numbers?
Answer: It's only slightly less-satisfying than hard-copy.
I'm accident-prone, so would I be able to keep it un-damaged?

Answer: Kinda... Lasted about eight months, then I damaged a few pixels.
Regardless, Husband convinced me to give it a shot, though, and sure enough, it has CHANGED MY LIFE. While there are definitely some advantages to reading actual books, the Kindle definitely has its perks (Better on my eyes than a book, easier to carry, can have way more than one book at a time, you can change the font and size of the text, etc etc etc)

I noticed that I read a whole lot faster when I would use the Kindle, too, and it got me thinking. How many books could I read in a whole year? So, I kept track, all year long. Whether it was an actual book or a Kindle version, whether I loved/hated/had no opinion on the book, it went on the list. Now, a year later, I can't believe what I've blown through:

Frank Abagnale ~ Catch me if you Can
Douglas Adams ~ Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams ~ The Restaurant at the end of the Universe
Douglas Adams ~ Life, the Universe, and Everything
M.C. Beaton ~ Death of a Witch
Rhys Bowen ~ Her Royal Spyness
Rhys Bowen ~ A Royal Pain
Ray Bradbury ~ Fahrenheit 451
Dan Brown ~ The Lost Symbol
Augusten Burroughs ~ Running with Scissors
Robyn Carr ~ Moonlight Road
Tom Clancy ~ The Sum of all Fears
Suzanne Collins ~ The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins ~ Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins ~ Mockingjay
Michael Crichton ~ Prey
Kim Edwards ~ The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Janet Evanovich ~ One for the Money
Janet Evanovich ~ Two for the Dough
Janet Evanovich ~ Three to Get Deadly
Janet Evanovich ~ Four to Score
Janet Evanovich ~ High Five
Janet Evanovich ~ Hot Six
Janet Evanovich ~ Seven Up
Janet Evanovich ~ Hard Eight
Janet Evanovich ~ Visions of Sugar Plums
Janet Evanovich ~ To the Nines
Janet Evanovich ~ Ten Big Ones
Janet Evanovich ~ Eleven on Top
Janet Evanovich ~ Twelve Sharp
Janet Evanovich ~ Plum Lovin’
Janet Evanovich ~ Lean Mean Thirteen
Janet Evanovich ~ Plum Lucky
Janet Evanovich ~ Fearless Fourteen
Janet Evanovich ~ Plum Spooky
Janet Evanovich ~ Finger Lickin’ Fifteen
Janet Evanovich ~ Sizzling Sixteen

Janet Evanovich ~ Wicked Appetite
Janet Evanovich ~ Foul Play
Janet Evanovich ~ Full Scoop
Janet Evanovich ~ Full Bloom
Janet Evanovich ~ Full Tilt
Craig Ferguson ~ American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot
Monica Ferris ~ Thai Die
Helen Fielding ~ Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
F. Scott Fitzgerald ~ The Great Gatsby
Earlene Fowler ~ State Fair
James Frey ~ A Million Little Pieces
William Golding ~ Lord of the Flies
John Grisham ~ Skipping Christmas
Charlane Harris ~ Dead until Dark
Laura Hillenbrand ~ Seabiscuit
Steig Larsson ~ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Steig Larsson ~The Girl who Played with Fire
Steig Larsson ~  The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Debbie Macomber ~ 44 Cranberry Point
Debbie Macomber ~ Summer on Blossom Street
Mary Jane Maffini ~ Organize your Corpses
Mary Jane Maffini ~ The Cluttered Corpse
Brad Meltzer ~ The Inner Circle
Tamar Meyers ~ The Glass is always Greener
George Orwell ~ 1984
Ben Patterson ~ Muscular Faith
Joanne Pence ~ Cooks Overboard
Emilie Richardson ~ Wedding Ring
Maggie Sefton ~ Knit One, Kill Two
Maggie Sefton ~ A Killer Stitch
Maggie Sefton ~ Needled to Death
Maggie Sefton ~ Dyer Consequences
Maggie Sefton ~  Fleece Navidad
Maggie Sefton ~ A deadly Yarn
Kathryn Stockett ~ The Help
Cecily von Ziegesar ~ Gossip Girl
Rebecca Wells ~ Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Seventy-five, people. How I managed to plan my dang wedding in the midst of that is totally beyond me.

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  1. Seventy five?? That is crazy. I am thinking about asking for a Kindle for my birthday here in a few weeks.. this might convince me.


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