Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitchen things I'm convinced were invented JUST for me (and by "me" I mean lazy people)

Those plasticky chopping board things. Don't have to handwash my cuttingboard? I'll take five.

I have no idea what to call these, but you basically can turn any liquid into a spray this way. No more icky Pam? Yes, Please!


Silicone baking mats. I had no idea what this was until someone gave it to me as a wedding gift, but I'm convinced it was invented specifically for me. Reason 1: Cookie sheets stay clean. WIN. Reason 2: Everything looks nicer when cooked on one of these. I can pretend to be a better cook than I am. I'm sold. I want MORE OF THEM.

Crock Pot. Set it and forget about it. Pretty self-explanatory. God's gift to full-time anythings.

Programmable coffee pots. See #4.

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