Thursday, June 28, 2012

life is totally fair.

{Word-light, pic-heavy post today. I'm absolutely drinking in life this week and absorbing it as much as I can, which means as little "computer time" as possible.}
Yesterday, my family spent the evening at the County Fair.  Whoo hoo! One of my favorite parts about "our" county fair is that concerts of minor (or has-been) bands are included in the price of admission. Whoo! We saw Jars of Clay, which was one of my brother's and my favorite bands when we were younger.

We were really excited to re-live our childhood.
 Our little fairgrounds amphitheater is called the "Safeway Amphitheater". Isn't that cute? haha
 When the concert was over (they were a lot better in my memories; sorry guys), we wandered the fairgrounds.
 Brother and I went on a quest to find pretzels and churros.
 I stole a bite of his pretzel when he wasn't looking... He didn't even notice until he saw lipstick on his napkin. "um, what the heck?"
It was a pretty great night. Low-key, definitely, but it was pretty darn exhausting after a long day of VBS.
I love my family.


  1. Love the color of your lipstick in the first pic! Looked like a cute event!


  2. I LOVE,LOVE the picture of yo and Devon. Glad you had fun at the fair, you two are the best...................Metz

  3. what?! i wish i was there! these images are all just too perfect!!!
    xo TJ



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