Friday, June 1, 2012

Little notes

Dear Santa Barbara:You're beautiful.

Dear Veterans and current armed-services members:
Thank you for the sacrifices you made (and continue to make every day) to make our country free.

Dear every single Starbucks store ever built:
Who the heck thought up the arrangement in your baƱo? And then who voted to standardize it for all Starbucks' everywhere? I can only speak for myself, but I'm beyond weirded out that you put the mirror directly across from the toilet. No one needs to see themselves pee.

Dear "everything-proof" cameras:
Oh man you have opened a can of worms. Husband is obsessed with testing your claim. I'm starting to worry that women see your commercials and go "oh, that's cool", and men see them and go "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED". $100 bucks says I'll find it in the freezer next.

Dear Bargain Tuesdays:
Thanks for a cheap date night at the movies the other day! Nothing says Summer like a cheap movie during the week. Also? (aside: If you haven't seen Avengers yet, RUN don't walk to fix that).

Dear Memorial Day Sales:
Bless you. Husband's mind was blown when I showed him my receipt at the fabric store. "How did you SAVE seventy bucks when you only SPENT forty?!?". Be patient, my young padawan. You have much to learn.

Dear friends (that means you!):
Could ya help me out a teensy bit? I'm trying to win a gift for husband (don't worry, he hardly reads this thing, knock on wood). If you've got a free second, go to this webpage and "vote" (by Pinning) for #15? You'd need a Pinterest account; if you don't have one and want to vote, leave a comment telling me so and I'll send you an invite (the email shows up on my end only, don't worry)! If you want, you should totally enter the contest, I won't be offended at all, just vote for us both :)

Have a great Friday!


  1. i will vote, but ONLY if you stop calling Tim HUSBAND

  2. yay for little notes! love this! and i've only been to santa barbara once! but oh so gorgeous!
    xo TJ


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