Monday, June 4, 2012

surprise addition to the family

This weekend was a whirlwind, but it was fantastic.

It could have been because it was at the end of the LONGEST week ever (I love the irony; why do four-day weeks always feel so much longer than regular-length ones?).
Or, since I was DYING with allergies all weekend, it felt fantastic to do absolutely nothing.
OR, it could have been the fact that we finally bought a vacuum to replace the one that caught fire a couple weeks ago.

Although those things were really nice, they weren't it. The real reason our weekend was so great was because of this little guy:

(Although replacing our vacuum was nice, since 15 minutes after bringing him home, I dumped a giant bag of birdseed all over the floor. Exhibit A:
Yeah. not pretty)

Anyway. Our little birdie is a 12 week old cockatiel, and we adopted him on Friday. He's what's called a "pearl" cockatiel because of his spots--they supposedly look like pearls. 
I think they just look like freckles. I (obviously) love freckles.
He fits in with our family just fine. 
His name? Spock.

The whole weekend was spent "getting to know" each other. We watched some TV, we got him used to his new home, and ate a lot (this guy can seriously put food AWAY). He loves us.
We are so thrilled.


  1. He is the cutest! I'm kinda wanting a bird now ;)

  2. I have an actual bird phobia but he's so cute!!!


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