Thursday, June 14, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday

I'm currently en route to Yosemite, but being that it's Awkward and Awesome Thursday, I couldn't resist retelling this quick awkward moment I experienced this week.

The back story: When I was a junior in college, I had a teensy-tiny run-in with campus security. Being that this is the internet and all, I won't spill all the details, but it involved being someplace I wasn't supposed to be (It's really not that exciting of a story, trust me; email me if you really want to know what happened). Nothing came out of it, but I got quite the talking to from the Public Safety officer. To this day,  I'm still a bit wary of them.

Fast forward to this week. I was rushing around, trying to finish up a lot of really small jobs around the office before I left, and I locked my keys in a supply closet. I had a spare key to the closet, but it was in my office, which also was locked. All the people who had keys to either place were all gone for the day.

Soooooooo, I had to call Public Safety.

Guess which officer was no longer working nights? The guy from four years ago.

You guys: he REMEMBERED me. Let me repeat: This was FOUR YEARS AGO, and it was such a minor thing that they didn't even write me up.

But he had the memory of an elephant, and almost didn't unlock the door for me.

After verifying that I was indeed a faculty member and was indeed allowed in the office, he begrudgingly let me in. But not without some serious suspicion, as though I were still a student trying to break into another place I wasn't supposed to be.

You ever been recognized by someone you'd hoped had forgotten all about you? Please tell me I'm not the only one.


  1. That is insane! Is it bad that I kind of think that guy needs to get a life? I mean, are the security guys on campuses real cops?

    Or maybe you are just so gorgeous he couldn't forget you :)

  2. That happened to me too!!! I got in "trouble" ONCE (I was parked in a lot I wasn't supposed to be parked in and I stopped the guy from writing the ticket) and I come back as a staff and I go in to make sure that I can park in the lot and a guy turns around and goes, oh hey I know you-didn't you park here and you stopped me writing a ticket? yeah a year was pretty awkward...

    Not as bad as four years!! oh dear...

  3. I am visiting from WeddingBee! Cute blog! I laughed reading your post bc I work as a police officer at a University and I could totally see this happening.

  4. Have fun in Yosemite! That's going to be so fun!

  5. Love your blog, just adorable!

    Ashton from:


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