Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome (Confessions style)

Santa Barbara is getting its summer makeover. Love it.
I know, I know. my "regular" Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts haven't really been all that regular. Sorry. I know you have all been at the edge of your seats the past two weeks wondering what awkwardness has befallen us recently.

Oh? That's not what happens? My bad. I just assumed.

However, without further adieu, here are some Awkward and Awesome... things. Confessions, if you will. Because what fun is a blog without a little self-disclosure?

Awkward Confessions:
first: I know the opening date for the new dollar store in my town. Looks like I've got my plans for July 12! #sorryimnotsorry

Second: Also related to my cheapness: The cashiers at Goodwill know me now. We dropped off a bunch of donations, and (as usual), I decided to pop in for a bit, but since Tim was with me, I wasn't allowed to do comb the racks. At the register, the cashier looked down at what I was buying and said (in a surprised tone of voice, no less!)"Oh, only a book this time?". Great, way to call me out.
(However, the book I found was fan-stinkin-tastic. Tim's inhaling it, and that is therefore a successful purchase.)

third: I :cc'd a coworker's supervisor in on an email because she had been ignoring my question for a week. I feel like I tattled on her. (It worked though! She responded five minutes later. )

fourth: There is a roll of toilet paper on my desk. Since it is allergy season, and apparently my body has decided that randomly at 24 it was time for some punch-in-the-face hay fever, a box of tissues no longer cuts it (I went through a whole box in a day, the first time; no joke). BUT when people come visit my office and the roll isn't properly hidden away, it's all they can see. "um, you have a roll of toilet paper on your desk...?". No, it's art. Stop staring at me.
Awesome confessions:
First: An email from Tim at the end of a long day that simply read: "Happy hour. Now.". Creamy brie and raspberries, roasted garlic (that we ate with a SPOON), and wine with my sweetheart can make any day better. Although having garlic breath for what seems like days is kind of a downer.

Second: This little narcoleptic face, joining me at work every day this week. D'awww!
He is so uncoordinated that he tends to nod off and then lose his balance, so it's pretty entertaining. When he's not sleeping, he's determined to spend every minute RIGHT next to me. Even if it means walking all the way across my desk to just sit. #adorable
third: The weekend is near! Which means sleeping in, dinner with friends, maybe a drive-in movie? Oh and housecleaning. But that's not awesome, so we'll pretend I didn't say anything.

How has your week been? Do tell! (if you do an "Awkward and awesome post, link it in the comments! I love reading them).


  1. I'm thinking a drive-in movie too!! :) one of our favorites

  2. Girl, I have been sick with sinus/allergy nastiness lately too and that roll of toilet paper has been with me everywhere! Lol. I don't even get ashamed anymore. I'm just like "Yep, that's my toilet paper! What about it?"


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