Monday, June 25, 2012

musings of a lone road-tripper

Today, I made a somewhat spur-of-the-moment solo road trip up to visit my parents. Because that is something I can do when I'm not working, whoo! Tim has to work so I had to leave him behind.

Because it was my first solo road trip in a long time (I'm thinking a year and a half or so, which is crazy!), I rediscovered some benefits to traveling alone. The first was the newfound ability to stop whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, and as many times as I wanted. I've gotta pee? Let's pull over! I'm kinda hungry; Let's pull over! I did notice, though, that stopping early in the trip for a large Diet Coke greatly increased the number of stops later in the trip. Those things are hard to finish alone!!

However, one of the greatest parts of traveling alone is this: I was my own DJ. I could play the songs that I normally skip over out of common courtesy to Tim, like, say: Averil Lavigne, Lady Gaga, and the Backstreet boys. And Taylor Swift. And the soundtack from Wicked. 

I've noticed, lots of people sing along to their radios when they're driving. I, on the other hand, take Car Karaoke to a whole new level and drive a lot like Winston from the show New Girl:
We're all friends here, there's no shame in this whatsoever.{PS does anyone else love that show? It's one of my faves.}

I do miss my road-trip buddy, but it sure was fun to mix up the ipod playlist while he wasn't here!


  1. Hi Brittany! I found your blog via the Tuesday Tango and I read your about me page and I think we have a lot in common :) I'm 2 years post grad too and just trying to find footing in the world while crafting it up! I'll be following you via bloglovin to learn more! :) Good luck on your solo roadtrip!


  2. Hello from ICLW! I usually make a solo road trip (about 8-9 hours) every summer up the East Coast and while I miss my honey while I am gone, it is nice to have a little time to just be in my head and listen to whatever I feel like! :-)

  3. I love New Girl... you're a nerd but I love you too.

  4. I've only ever done one road trip by myself. It's amazing how good it feels when you get to pick all the music.

  5. I love that show!!! :) And that is one of my many favorite parts to the show!! :) SO FUN!


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