Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hey Guys! 
I know I posted already today, but for CRYING out loud it was supposed to post yesterday but I couldn't get my act together. 
And I couldn't help myself, because the ever-entertaining Lindsey made her "Friday Faves" post a link-up, and I can never resist those :). So, without further adieu, my Friday Favorites!
Momma made this amazing salad once upon a time when we came to visit, and it was seriously LIFE-CHANGING. So I made it on Wednesday, and Husband's been asking for it again every night since. It's got strawberries, feta cheese, lettuce, (was supposed to have toasted almonds, but I forgot them), and the most amazing dressing I have ever experienced. Maybe I'll post the recipe so I don't have to Google it anymore. We'll see.
My new sunglasses. Six bucks at H&M, whoo! They kind of look like someone grabbed them from the bottom of the lens and stretched them, but I think I'm okay with that. That's usually where I get burned anyway, so what's a little extra protection? Also, there's that weird heart charm thing on  the lens,  but since it's permanently SCREWED INTO the lens, I've decided I don't care.

Yosemite photo via; Vegas photo via;
In just a couple weeks, husband and I (along with a BUNCHA friends) head off to Yosemite for a destination wedding. So excited!

THEN, a month later, we're off to Las Vegas (just us two). We got a really good price on plane tickets (side note: did you know that if buy your ticket by phone, you're paying about 20 bucks cheaper than if you buy your ticket on the internet? Since we used vouchers we HAD to book by phone, and were pleasantly surprised). The whole planning process is thrilling to me; there's so much to do!

Inspiration photo via Sabbespot.
(aside: I find it funny that "decor" was autocorrected to D├ęcor; so much so that I left it. Ha). Anyway, if you read my blog aaaaaaaaall the way at the beginning, you might remember this post about how I thought stenciled accent walls were cool, but we couldn't do it because we rent. WELL, this wall was done using contact paper, WHICH IS 100% TEMPORARY. Now THAT I can do. Now to convince the husband that this is as cool as I think it is.

No further explanation needed.

What are your your favorite things today? Link up to Lindsey!


  1. Love these posts! Seriously so fun. Glad you played along! --Ana

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog and I must say, I LOVE your writing style!!! Can't wait to keep reading :)

  3. That salad sounds amazing! Pls post the recipe for I and dressing :) I made guacamole today or the first time, so proud :P

  4. I LOVE accent walls! I can't convince my husband that they are cool though. He doesn't see why you'd do something to one wall that you don't do to the other ones in the room. lol

  5. just came across your blog and wanted to say hello :) please come check mine out sometime!!

  6. that salad makes me want to drool! i also love tossing apples in my salad when there's feta and balsamic. YUM!


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