Monday, June 25, 2012

solstice weekend recap

Oh man was solstice cuh-razy!
We took our little off-brand Vespa downtown to catch the parade (Side note? Where in the world aside from California can you get away with riding a scooter in a Maxi dress? I didn't get a single weird look.)

There were lots of feathers (and sequins, and not much else, eep! It was like Vegas in Santa Barbara, sort of.)
...Some really creative costumes and floats (many on the whole 2012, Mayan Calendar, End of the World thread).....
...and some really, really weird ones that made absolutely no sense.
Yeah, those guys were wearing denim skirts and flowery bucket hats.
Elvis, though, I can't explain.
As is tradition, Tim and I enjoyed Sangria after the parade.
Then we met up with some more friends and explored the park that marked the end of the parade. That was..... quite the adventure. My camera battery died right about then, so I wasn't able to capture the madness that was Alameda Park, but imagine Disneyland on its most crowded day, and then decrease the square footage by a bazillion percent. Awesome.
In all, it was a great people-watching experience. We ended the day with tri-tip, margaritas, and friends, which is the best way to end any weekend, is it not?

Happy Monday!


  1. this is so cool, wonderful blog =)


  2. oh wow, all of these shots look like so much fun! and i'm a little more than obsessing over that lip color of yours. too perfect ;)
    xo TJ


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