Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trial by fire (aka learning to follow directions) // diy

Aside from having a new addition to our little family, I spent a bunch of this weekend working on a long-anticipated (for me, anyway) sewing project. And it involved a lot of firsts for me: knit fabric, stretchy lace, and a store-bought pattern. (ack, so scary!)

The story: patterns were 5 for 5 bucks over memorial day weekend. This brand was normally seventeen dollars apiece.  I don't feel like anything more needs to be said.

Anyway, here's why this was such a scary project. I am a self-taught sewer (Can someone please invent a better word for "a person who sews"? Thank you). I don't know all the fancy names for things (and there are so many!), and I don't know most special techniques. Thing is: pattern directions just assume that you do. Ha.

I basically know how to sew a {mostly} straight line. And I'm really good at not following directions. Therefore, this project has involved a lot of googling and just plain "winging it". Also lots of mistakes. But hey! I know a couple new tricks now.

Here is my "in-progress" verdict:
  1.  Pattern sizes are embarrassing. ( ...and I thought wedding dress sizing was awful!)
  2. If you 're sewing lace, it's 100000x easier to work with if you underline it first. And that underlining fabric should NOT be stretchier than the lace you choose.
  3. The hardest part of following a pattern: THE CUTTING! Also: cocktails and complicated pattern-cutting instructions aren't a good combination. Don't do it; just trust me. 
  4. Zippers are awkward, no matter how many times you work with one.
  5. As scary as lots of people find knits, they are a LOT more forgiving if you make a mistake. And I made mistakes.
  6. Sewing through tissue paper helps keep my seams flat??
Stay tuned for more!


  1. I think the word is "seamstress." lol

  2. Love your blog! Would love it if you could check mine out and become a follower :)


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