Monday, June 11, 2012

what a sucky weekend {har har}

Happy Monday, friends! I must say, I sure have missed you. This weekend was jam-packed full of incredibly exciting stuff. We had big plans for the weekend, but they all got put on the back burner.

Because we deeper-than-deep-deep cleaned our apartment. Whoo hoo.

This is big news, guys. Here's the {sorta long} back story:

On my birthday weekend in San Diego, we got a new couch. To prepare the room for said couch, we cleared out all the furniture and vacuumed the heck out of that place, because that's what you do when you move furniture, dontcha know?

Well, Tim sucked up a drapery cord or a piece of string or something with that 'ol vacuum and it blew up.

Like, literally. There was fire. With flames and stuff.

{I tried to take a picture, but Tim was NOT having it. I guess he wanted my help, not for me to document the experience. Sorry about that}

The worst part about it was that it decided to belch out all this dark black smoke and soot {and everything we had just vacuumed} all over the freshly cleaned room.


So, finally {like I mentioned here}, we combined the rest of our BB&B gift cards {leftover from the wedding that was nine months ago}, and bought a new vacuum.

And let me tell you, this sucker is POWERFUL. It basically pulls itself across the room on its own.
It is beautiful.

We may or may not have fought a little teensy bit over who got to use it first.

We were initially just going to take care of the still present black soot from the exploding vacuum, but we may or may not have done the whole house. 

And the couches. And the walls. And the ceiling. And the bird {I kid, I kid}.

I'm in LURRVE. With a vacuum.
I guess married life has domesticated me a little bit {WEIRD}.

After that exciting day, Tim and I vacuumed ourselves off {also kidding}, got gussied up, and caught some happy hour. Because nothing says "job well-done" than 2-for-1 margaritas.

The end.
Also, FYI, posting may be sparse in these parts for the next week or so.

I'll be back for a quick post on Wednesday night to explain why, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. 

I'll miss you ever so much! 


  1. Let me first comment on... a vacuum that doesn't vacuum or work may be one of the worst parts about cleaning the house. We have a vacuum that would rather spread the dirt, dust, and leaves than suck it up! Thankfully, we have a VERY small area of rug and at this point I just sweep it... hahahaha. :)

    Second, I think that you should link up with this "Monday Moods" post. I linked up with this girl,

    Her blogs are great to read too. :) I found her off a friend's blog... and I love hers too.

    Anyways, good luck this week! I hope to read another post soon!!!

  2. Okay, so since you already have one comment, I guess I don't feel like as much of a stalker for commenting 20 minutes after you posted this. lol. I'm so glad I'm not the only person that wants to vacuum whenever they move furniture! Hubby will actually do the entire job of rearranging a room just so I'm not cleaning with windex/furniture polish and vacuuming as we go along, so he'll wait til I'm out of the house. It drives me nuts when I get home! Can you just imagine what all is under the furniture. Yuck (although I am glad that I didn't have to actually move stuff!)

  3. Oh and btw, I think I may link up with the blog that Jamie posted about! Lol.

  4. I came back here because I saw that you linked up and wanted to read your post!!! BUT THEN I saw that the blogger above, Paige, did too!!! :) AWESOME! :)

    LINK IT UP!!!!!

  5. That sounds terrible! Glad you were able to look on the bright side. :)

  6. Oh noooo!! I swear we have gone through a million vacuum belts, but never an explosion! Glad you guys are okay!


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