Friday, January 25, 2013


time: 10:43
location: my office
mood: pretty dang chipper
eating: Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt from Trader Joes {GET IN MAH BELLEH}
drinking: motor oil coffee
watching: Sherlock, Season 2 {at home, not at work, of course!}.
reading: Dearly Devoted Dexter. I'm losing sleep over this one--can't put it down!
loving: the paper project on which I'm currently working {see photo; can you guess what it is?}
learning: that my parents really are always right, most of the time.
thinking: that shorter weeks really feel like the longest ones. Also, I need a haircut.
wishing: I had all the answers

Idea from here

ps. We've made the switch to! All your bookmarks should redirect to here; let me know if you have any issues :)


  1. Mhm...I'm sure you've never watched an episode of Sherlock whilst at work. ;)

    Haha, just kidding!

    That's awesome that you decided to change the domain name! I've been thinking about doing mine, but I'm trying to wait a bit longer.


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