Tuesday, January 29, 2013

junk mail never looked so good // DIY

Hey there pretty :)

I don't know about you, but I get a TON of junk mail. As soon as I turned 18, the credit card applications started rolling in, and they only continued to increase as I've gotten older. Usually I just shred them {Because I'm paranoid like that}, but lately I've been saving the reply mail envelopes to make these lovelies.
{I still obsessively shred the rest of the applications, but these envelopes are like gold now.}
They're really simple to make. Just take the envelopes apart as carefully as you can, turn them inside-out, and tape them closed. If they're huge {or if I rip them}, I'll trim them down a little so they're of a more manageable size. Just follow along the actual pattern of the envelope and create new folds, and voilĂ 
Address them with a thick marker or use an address label, and you're good to go! If the envelope has a window I usually will cover it up with a label, but you could always leave them there. To close them, just tape shut or lick and tuck the flap inside.
We have to mail our rent in every month, so these are awesome to have handy. Just pop the check in, address them, stick on a stamp, and send.  No worries about security with these! 

Check out this version using washi tape to hold the envelopes together: Aren't they pretty? I need to get me some washi STAT.
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You could buy these on etsy {here}, but I'm sure you get about three or four business reply envelopes every week already. Why not make them instead?


  1. Oh my gosh so cute! You just made my day with this genius. YOU'RE SO COOL. :) xo, eliza

  2. Omg that is awesome I would have never though of that.

  3. Those are really SO cute!! I love this idea, I definitely plan to share this somehow! :)

  4. Genius! I would have never thought of this--so cute!

  5. Oh yay! Another Brittany! This is such a great idea! I don't think I will be so upset with junk mail now ;)

  6. what a cute idea!! i'm going to start saving my junk mail. thanks for sharing!

  7. So cute and cheap! I love this idea.


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