Monday, January 14, 2013

the weekend

// we had brunch with the father-in-law and step-mother-in-law at a swanky french joint. I had french toast--appropriate--but it tasted like candy. Toothbrush, please?
// Our house was spotless for a whole day. Then I started another project.
//  #crushcakesforthewin #seeabovephoto
// We bought a nifty reed diffuser at an interior design boutique and now our house smells like "a rich person's" as my husband so eloquently put it. I do quite love it, dahling.
// We have been watching so.many.episodes of Sherlock (Modern-day BBC adaptation of the book) this weekend that I want to be a consulting detective and speak in British English.
// I stepped on my kindle and shattered the screen, boohooooo. Tim-the-toolman-husband took it apart and fixed it, using the screen of our other one which had a frozen hardrive. And it works!!! #seebelowproofofhisawesomeness

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