Thursday, January 10, 2013

welcome to brittany's joy.

Yesterday was our little blog's very first birthday. I asked my husband how we should celebrate, and he said that it would very much like to be taken out to a swanky dinner. I agreed, so we took this little sucker out on the town (so to speak) and enjoyed an evening of spatula drumming and shrimp-flipping and flaming onion volcanoes. Happy birthday little bloggy.
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So, you may have noticed some major changes around this little corner of the internet, starting with the name of this blog: "The Crafted Cure" is now Brittany's Joy.

The reason for the change is simple: this little 'ol blog has evolved to encompass so much more than just simply crafty-ness. It holds my hopes, my dreams, my fears. It chronicles the things that make me laugh, that bring me joy. Some of those things may be projects, sure, but there's a whole lot more, too!

Brittany's Joy better encapsulates what I hope this blog will capture. These are the things that bring me joy as I live, create, and celebrate the precious life that God has given me. Also, conveniently, it is my name.

Join us on our journey?

Welcome to Brittany's Joy.


  1. Love the new name! And Happy Birthday, Blog!! :)

  2. Oh Brittany Joy... okay where are the pictures of the blog date?

  3. Happy birthday blog! Love that it got its own birthday dinner. :)

  4. Happy birthday blog!

    Please help me decide what charity I should fund for next! Checkout my latest post!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls


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